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How it works


Sign Up Steps:

  1. Join The Translation Network by clicking the “Sign Up” button located at the top right of the page.
  2. Fill in your details as indicated on the sign up form. You're welcome to customize your profile as much as you would like, but the more details you give the translation team the better they'll be able to meet your particular needs moving forward. You will only ever need to fill this information out one time!
  3. Be sure to include your preferred payment method, which will be used to capture your future escrow payments upon commencement of any translation project.

    Note: PayPal is our most popular choice, as it allows you to use debit, credit, or even your PayPal balance. Paper cheques are accepted as well, but we ask you to indicate this up front so that one of our project managers can be in touch to coordinate the details ahead of your first project.

  4. Your registration request will be reviewed by our team of customer service agents; after which we will send an email confirmation of successful registration. We may contact you via email (or phone if preferred) to confirm any of your registration details that are unclear.
  5. You are now ready to upload your translation projects, and find out why the Translation Network will be your first and last stop for all of your translation needs!

Project Flow


Part 1: Project Uploading

  1. Once you have your translation project ready for quoting, you will need to login, and click “Start New Project” on your account page.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Project Details page, making sure to fill in each box, as they provide valuable information to ensure accurate quoting from each translator. Note: please see our FAQ for some common questions arising on this screen.
  3. You can include a brief excerpt of your project on the Project Details page, which provides the translators a snapshot of the type of content they will be working with. This allows the translators to provide a more accurate quote. We recommend selecting a portion of text that does not contain any sensitive information.
  4. You will then be asked to upload the document(s) for the project to the Translation Network's secured servers, where you are protected under our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Note: Your full document(s) will ONLY be reviewed by a Translation Network project manager to determine word count, and any formatting details needed to quote.
  5. Please indicate any specific requests/details that you see fit for the translator(s) to better understand your project needs.
  6. Upon submitting your project, the Translation Network will thoroughly review your project, and confirm all details. Once completed, you will receive an email notification informing you that your project has been approved, and that it is live for translator bidding.

Part 2: Bidding and Hiring

  1. Within the first 24 hours, you're welcome to login at any time to check for new bids on your Profile page.
  2. Click through from that email or visit your Profile page to see all pertinent details such as price, confirmation of turnaround time, and translator profile so that you can make an informed decision and ensure you're picking the right person for project.
  3. Once you have determined which translator you would like to hire, you will select the “Accept” button attached to their bid found in the projects section of your Profile page.
  4. You will then be prompted to make your escrow payment per the instructions on the site, where the funds will be safely held by TN Escrow Services Ltd. Your payment will be held in escrow until the project has been returned to you. 50% of the payment will be released at that point. The remaining 50% is held until you sign off saying that you're completely satisfied with the work.

Part 3: Project Flow

  1. The project will commence as soon as your payment has been received.
  2. Your selected translator can provide update reports throughout the project at your request. Kindly send us an email if you would like an update on the progress of your project.
  3. You may also submit any questions you may have at any time to
  4. Once your project has been sent off for proofreading, returned, and back checked by the original translator, we will notify you that your project is ready for upload on your Project Details page.
  5. Once you upload the document, we distribute 50% of your escrow payment to the translator(s) and proofreader(s).
  6. You will then have a two week period to review the translation. If you have problems with the project please send any concerns to

    If you're happy with the project, please login to the portal and provide a star rating for your translator. Once this is complete, and the rating is positive, we will close the project and capture the remaining 50% of the payment from the escrow account.

    If we don't hear from you within two weeks, we will assume you are satisfied with the project and will close it and capture the remaining 50% of the payment from the escrow account.

  7. If you are not satisfied with the final translation after reviewing it during your two week review period, then we will have another translator qualified in the same area of expertise and language pairings, to proofread the materials. They will make amendments where necessary, and provide a report on the quality of the work, along with a revamped final translation if necessary. Note: this is an extremely rare occurrence, as we employ the top translation professionals in the industry, while also using a multiple peer review process during proofreading, but realize that mistakes can happen even on a one off basis.
  8. We store your completed translation projects on our secured servers, creating a translation memory specific to your materials, that will be used for all future projects with your company, in the same language pair. This allows us to be consistent for all translated materials, and aids on research time from project to project often allowing us to beat deadlines the more we work with you.

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