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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing: I got a lower quote from another agency before finding the TN. What makes your service different and worth the extra spend?

Not all translation is created equal! Make sure you’re comparing “apples to apples”. Some agencies use machine translation or generalist translators. Those come at a lower cost but can also result in poor and inaccurate translations. Our translation professionals are rigorously vetted for their niche expertise. Every translation from The Translation Network is also proofread for added precision. In our experience, this makes all the difference in an accurate, and factually correct translation. So while our translations might be a bit more costly from time to time, you know you’re getting the best quality translation available.

How can I be sure that my escrow payment is securely held while I await my translation to be completed?

When you make your payment at the commencement of your project, the Translation Network immediately places your payment into our escrow account for safe keeping, until you are completely satisfied with the end results. Click here to learn more about the measures that we use to protect your investment. The funds are not paid out until you have received your completed project, and then again once you have completed your 2-week review from the original date of delivery. You sign off on the funds being released, meaning you have ultimate control over your funds. That’s how it should be. That’s what we guarantee.

I haven't received at least 3 quotes in the period I require, what's next?

If you’re on a tight deadline, please let us know in the comments section of the project creation screen. One of our human project managers can then make outbound attempts to our network of professionals on your behalf. Furthermore, if you don’t receive at least 3 quotes from our service within 24hours, we will reduce that quote by 20% to help give you piece of mind that you are receiving the best price on the market. This rarely occurs, if at all, but we are committed to your peace of mind throughout the quoting process.

I submitted a project, but never received an email confirmation from The Translation Network. How can I be sure it was received and is being worked on?

This can be frustrating, we understand. If you don’t get a confirmation via email within 2 hours of submitting it, please send us a brief message to confirm the details at or visit the Contact Us page. We also recommend that you add us to your approved email list, or check your junk folder for any Translation Network communications.

What forms of payment does The Translation Network accept?

We accept the following forms of payment:
  • PayPal - Our most popular option, since it includes direct transfer as well as the option to pay by any major credit card through their guest checkout option.
  • Paper cheque – We understand that some organizations have policies in place for paying suppliers via paper cheque only. You can indicate this method of payment when posting your project, and we simply need to have the cheque in hand before returning your completed translation. Further arrangements can always be made by contacting one of our project managers at

When can I expect to hear back on a support request for my project, or any other questions on the platform?

Our support team takes your inquiries very seriously, and will treat any such communication with the utmost urgency. Our commitment standard for replying to client questions is within 24 hrs, but we pride ourselves on often being able to respond immediately.

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